Photo: Industrial Applications for Infrared Thermometers
Industrial Applications: AutomotiveAutomotive
Industrial Applications: Boilers and BurnersBoilers and Burners
Industrial Applications: PetrochemicalChemical & Petrochemical
Industrial Applications: EnergyEnergy
Industrial Applications: FoodFood
Industrial Applications: GlassGlass
Industrial Applications: IncineratorsIncinerators
Industrial Applications: Metals and AlloysMetals and Alloys
Industrial Applications: PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical
Industrial Applications: Plant AutomationPlant Automation
Industrial Applications: PlasticsPlastics
Industrial Applications: MaintenancePreventative Maintenance (PPM)


In motor vehicles, temperature measurements are used to diagnose the correct operation of many components including: Engines, Catalytic Converters, Climate Control, Cooling Systems, Tires, Breaks, Bearings, and Electrical Circuits.

Boilers and Burners

Combustion analysis is fundamental to improve fuel economy, reduce undesirable exhaust emissions and improve the safety of fuel combustion equipment. Surface temperature measurements of heat exchangers and steam traps are required to improve performance and prevent shut downs.

Chemical & Petrochemical

The measurement of tube temperatures in tube furnaces (pyrolysis, cracking, and reformer) requires IR thermometers designed to eliminate errors due to hotter background reflections. In addition, many pressure and temperature sensors/transmitters require dedicated instrumentation for verification and calibration in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.


E Instruments manufactures a vast range of products designed to improve the efficiency of the different processes around your plant. Our line of products for this industrial sector include Calibrators, Infrared Thermometers, Flue Gas Analyzers, and HVAC Instrumentation.


Infrared Thermometers have become an integral part of the quality control of food channel. Food inspection is now required in the processing, transportation, receiving, storage, and serving stages. Temperature measurements are also made during the Cooking—Cooling—Reheating process.


With over 25 years of experience in the design and production of infrared thermometers designed specifically for the different types of glass manufacturing, E Instruments Group provides a complete range of products dedicated to the glass industry.


The flue gas temperature in the post-combustion zone in incineration ovens of urban solid waste can be accurately measured with our specific wavelength non contact infrared pyrometers. This measurement is critical to insure complete combustion of hazardous pollutants.

Metals and Alloys

E Instruments Group offers specific and proven solutions for the operation and maintenance of industrial processes dedicated to the production and the workmanship of metals.


Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals requires a very precise knowledge of the temperature and pressure of the different components in the process. Accurate, fast, and rugged IR thermometers are available in our portfolio of infrared thermometers. In addition, our High accuracy calibrators are commonly used to certify the accuracy of the measuring instruments used around the plant.

Plant Automation

Mass production manufacturing requires the measurement of component temperatures at the correct time and speed prior to performing some specific steps in the process like machining, painting, etc. E Instruments provides an extensive line of small IR sensors designed to be mounted in machinery for plant automation.


E Instruments Group offers a variety of non contact infrared thermometers specially designed to measure and check the temperatures in the production of plastic films (including thin films) and plastic components.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Portable infrared thermometers are extensively used to predict failures of critical production components and processes, thus preventing unscheduled plant shut-downs. E Instruments manufactures a complete range of thermometers to meet a large variety of PPM applications.