Photo: IRLogMan 2007 Infrared Thermometer Datalogging Software

The last generation of Infrared sensors and transmitters includes advanced electronic technologies. This technology allows to improve the standard temperature measurements with temperature processing capability. The IRLogMan 2007 software package has been developed to be used for configuring the IRtec P and IRtec MicroRay portable infrared thermometers. The Software allows viewing, graphing, exporting and reporting measurements.

Instrument Compatibility

  • IRtec P500+
  • IRtec P800+
  • IRtec P1000+
  • IRtec P1300+
  • IRtec P1600+
  • IRtec P2000+
  • IRtec P3000+
  • IRtec MicroRay Xtreme
  • IRtec MicroRay FOOD+/++
  • IRtec MicroRay HVAC++
  • Rayomatic14 RS485

Download the Brochure (PDF: 186KB)